Chokugen-ryū Naginata Jutsu

School Outline

 Naginata was a powerful male weapon. Naginata Jutsu was in full flourish after Oshu Go-san-nen no Eki (1083-87) through Genpei, Kamakura and the worrying state periods. Chokugen-ryū is the magnificent one which was occurred in Kyoto during Genki-Tensho period and descended to Tsugaru Domain during Keicho period.

 It’s been succeeded in 笠井家 for a long time, and in 1783 三上鋭助 was succeeded with the whole certification from 笠井園右衛門尉. 三上鋭助 served under Tsugaru Domain with Chokugen-ryū. Since his adapted son, 貫一 renamed to 白取, 白取家 has been teaching Chokugen-ryū for generations.

 The fourth 白取 head, 千代次郎 succeeded to 笹森順造, then 笹森建美. 順造 also initiated to 白取イチ子, according to the students record.

 On Chokugen-ryu the whole length of Naginata is more than 9 尺. the sword part is 1尺9寸, the handle is 7尺, the bat end is 2寸. The distinction is very bold with the secret technics, 水車 and 風車. There are six ways, 斬, 刺, 攉, 止, 不中, 流 to stop an opponent’s coming up Ki and to defeat an opponent’s Ki.

 As the technics there are 虎口詰, 小車, 関戸, 乱絲, 鉄貫, 管絲, 鸚鵡返, 雲乱 and others. Chokugen-ryū avoids receiving and the keystones are to stop an opponent’s coming up Ki, to take off an opponent’s pressure and defeat an opponent’s Ki. Against stab lead it in to stop, and against swing wipe it to swing air. Secrets are on the ways to stop an opponent’s Ki while it’s coming up or to defeat an opponent’s prospering Ki. Forms are 小車,切上, 風車, 仕手返, 打落, 撞止, 巻込, 摺込, and others. During Tokugawa period women used the 7尺 Naginata.

 And there are also 棒合術 and 十文字合術 tradition.

Headmaster (sōke) of Chokugen-ryū Naginata Jutsu: Yabuki Yūji (矢吹裕二)


Feb. 10 1970Born in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan
1992Joined the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department
1995Started learning Ono-ha Ittō-ryū at the Budo Course, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department
1998Became a direct student of the 17th Sōke of Ono-ha Ittō-ryū and Chokugen-ryū Naginata Jutsu, Sasamori Takemi
Mar. 2020Sōke of Chokugen-ryū Naginata Jutsu